Monday, January 11, 2010

today i'm going to watch at least several movies in preparation for the enormous daily readings i'll be caged in with for the rest of the semester. kurosawa before dickens i always say!


i figured it out.

fluctuation means (aside from extremely unhealthy and sporadic weight gains and losses) my interests and attempts at interests. i think i keep finding out about things i think i ought to have found out about sooner, and so then i end up branching off and forgetting the rest of the things i thought that about, until i encounter a particular ignorance again and feel doubly doubly ignorant for having tried and still lost.

but mostly evacuation. mostly anal explosive.


as everyone knows, i am constantly trying to lose wait in my hands and trim my fists down to a more "useful" size. and as i'm sure most can also relate, the holidays have set back my plans for gorgeously skinny fists considerably, to the extent that i have begun a massive campaign of self-denial and, more importantly, constant drug-induced voiding of my bowels, bladder and gut. as part of this important purging process for the new year, i've decided that a nice little booger on the web might be a good place to empty all those untidy bits the 48 gallon rubbermaid under my bed can't handle. namely: dirty, fattening thoughts.

but that's only the evac- of this title's -uation. so what's the FLUCT-?

i'm not sure yet!